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How the performance
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became Berformance :

Freedom and security - the universal aspirations that unite us all. The first steps in the world of Bitcoin and blockchain began in 2016 with the vision of decentralized technologies. The focus was on the development of applications and projects in the field of cryptocurrencies. In 2019, berformance - at that time still Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH - was founded and ventured into new waters. The focus was on partnerships with companies that concentrated on future technologies in the field of cryptocurrencies. 

The initial successes paved the way for a rapidly growing reputation in this industry. The fact that the true power of blockchain is not only based on digital currencies, but also serves as the underlying technology for a wider range of applications, heralded the next strategic phase of berformance through collaborations with other companies.

These partnerships were the key to the transformation. They made it possible for everyone in the b2c - business-to-customer - sector to have access to innovative future technologies. Today, berformance is known for its versatile partnerships in the business areas of digitalization, experience, edutainment, healthcare and sustainability. The fact that more and more companies are becoming aware of us and seeking a partnership strengthens our commitment to quality and innovation. 

We look forward to deepening these promising collaborations in order to be successful together. All this makes berformance a unique company that stands for more quality of life and innovative cooperation. Together with strong partners, we offer comprehensive added value and ensure sustainable prosperity in both the b2c - business-to-customer and b2b - business-to-business sectors.

What has happened so far




Idea for founding a company, sounding out partners


Create structures, invest in technology


Foundation of
Berformance Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH


20 million turnover Change of name from Berformance Vertriebs GmbH to Berformance Germany GmbH


Foundation of the
Berformance Group AG as a Swiss holding company


32 million turnover
Business area expansion to Spain and the Czech Republic. Foundation of
Berformance LLC, Dubai


Opening of the new company locations in Erfurt, Zurich and Dubai


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