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The world needs more cohesion and cooperation to meet the challenges of our time. This call to action reminds us that we can achieve more together.

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Every person is unique - every story is special. A future without community and cohesion? Unimaginable! That's why we always keep the big picture in mind in everything we do. We want to create prospects, give people dreams and improve lives.



As part of our Berformance Celebration, we collected donations for a good cause, namely for Ariella Ahrens' "Lebensherbst" foundation.


300 Sparkling eyes

On 22.12.2022, we made a donation of CHF 500 to help transform the children's hospital in Zurich into a toy paradise for a few hours.


Little Home Berlin

On 13.08.2022, we were part of the 100 helpers who built 10 mini houses in 12 hours. 120 OSB boards, 30 kg of screws, 50 liters of paint and 800 wooden strips were used.


Children's Day

This week, as part of our Children's Day campaign, we were able to learn a lot about the Magdeburg Children's Hospice and Central German Cancer Research.