In the run-up to Christmas, the Berformance Group decided to bring joy to others with its "300 sparkling eyes" campaign. This is a fundraising campaign in which 500 euros were donated to various institutions to give children a wonderful pre-Christmas season.


One of the facilities that benefited from the donation was the Oyter Mühle daycare center. The daycare center's support association, the Mühlenbande, had applied to the campaign and won the bid. The Berformance Group took over the donation and provided gifts in advance, which the Santa Claus actor personally presented to the children. The shining eyes of the children showed that this campaign was a complete success.


In addition to the Oyter Mühle daycare center, the Berformance Group also visited the "Alte Posthalterei" children's and youth center in Eisenach. Here, children and young people can take advantage of open activities and spend their free time together without any obligation. The donation of 500 euros is intended for a special offer during next year's vacation camp. Here too, Santa Claus brought lots of presents and made the children's eyes light up.


The Berformance Group was able to make children happy not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland. On 22.12.2022, the children's hospital in Zurich was transformed into a toy paradise with a donation of CHF 500. The toys were distributed to various wards and brought great joy to the patients.

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