berformance is your partner for sales and marketing services with cutting-edge digital technologies. Our mission is to guide you through the complexities of digitalization.

Count on us to navigate the challenges of the digital future with you. Step into a world where tradition and progress go hand in hand. A partnership built on reliability and innovation.

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Our deals - your benefits. We currently include companies such as Lufthansa, ASMALLWorld, Reiseretter and many more. Simply save valuable money.

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Our vision is an innovative and sustainable digital world. We strive to inspire millions of people and to walk the path into the future together. Each individual embodies our values and shares our vision of a digitized world where technology improves lives and creates opportunities for all.


berformance provides access to future technologies and combines innovation with social progress. Our technologies improve lives, protect the environment and create opportunities for all. Through creative and sustainable solutions as well as close cooperation with customers, partners and society, we solve the challenges of our time.


Our operation is a driving force in the digital world, not only providing access to the latest technologies, but also creating value through strong partnerships. By strategically collaborating with leading companies and organizations with unique products, we aim to enable our members to benefit from the innovations and opportunities of these dynamic markets.

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